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Friday, February 26, 2010

Links To Our Other Archive Sites

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Search For Bible Truths (Home Page); Archive; Scripture Index
Includes brief, scriptural examinations of hundreds of Bible Topics; Information From the Authorized and Official Websites of Jehovah's Witnesses; Links to Bible Study Aids and Research Tools; Downloads and More.

Defending The New World Translation
Sites and Pages in Defense of The New World Translation Bible.

God's View of Blood
Understanding Why God Views Blood As So Important And Jehovah's Witnesses' Decision to "Abstain From Blood". (Acts 15:29)

Defending Jehovah's Witnesses: Jehovah's Witnesses - Restoration of First-Century Christianity
Sites and Pages in Defense of Jehovah's Witnesses concerning numerous subjects.


Mike Felker said...

Hey Elijah, I was just curious of something. I'm glad to see that there are JW's online defending their faith with websites and such. But how do you view the Watchtower's view on JW's who are making websites like these outside of the organization's discretion or approval?

Memra said...

Not Elijah, but I am curious about why non-Witnesses appear to be more concerned about this matter than Jehovah's Witnesses are.

We have read the whole text of what has been said about other websites. We have discussed and clarified the matter more than any non-Witnesses have.

Informational websites do not violate the official guidelines.

Mike Felker said...

If forming websites like these in defense of Jehovah's Witnesses do not go against any guidlines, then I assume the governing body would be supportive of it if they knew you were the one behind it?

Personally, the elders in my local fellowship have no problem in me doing what I do with websites and making apologetics videos. In fact, they encourage it. Do your elders and the governing body do the same?

Elijah Daniels said...

Hey, Mike, the comment section here asks for constructive comments concerning what has been posted here.

Since we do not discuss the Governing Body, elders, the organization here, etc., please submit comments concerning the posts that are actually here.

I truly want honest input concerning what has been posted.

Mike Felker said...

My apologies Elijah. I thought my comments were within the topic range, since the post was related to Internet links and such. I guess my curiosity got the best of me :-)

Regardless, I enjoy reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Matt13weedhacker here again.

Here's another couple of excellent links with Coptic resources for John 1:1. Both the Bohoric and Sahadic say "(a) god" at John 1:1.

Check them out. There's probably five or six even more differn't coptic translations floating around out there, to add to the growing list that confirm the NWT. Personally I have (over) 100 trans and still growing, that confirm the Societies rendering.

Anonymous said...


Personally I enjoy the in-depth blogs which go into the original languages and how a single Greek preposition (en) = "in" (dia) = "through" etc, can make a huge difference to the understanding of a passage of scripture. Being a JW who can read and translate Greek, I think you have done an excellent job. Keep up the good work!

By the way check out this site: