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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rom. 8:27 "Mind of the Spirit"

"Mind of the Spirit" - Ro. 8:27
Compare Ro. 8:5-9 (esp. note 8:6 & 8:27 in the interlinear) and …. Also see NASB 8:5-9, and f.n for 8:5-6 in NIVSB. 8:6 in KJV is 'spiritually minded' and 'fleshly minded' and NASB has "the mind set on the flesh" and "the mind set on the spirit."(cf. RSV and NRSV.) "the spiritual outlook" (REB) "have their minds on spiritual things" - NJB. Also see Robertson's Word Pictures, vol. 4, p. 373 (verse 6). Also see Insight-2, p. 405.

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Rom. 8:27 (phronema) (IN Defense of the New World Translation)

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