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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Note (119.) to "History of the 'Christian' Trinity - HIST)"

119. "at the Nicene Council ... there were three parties present: the strict Arians, the semi-Arians and the Alexander-Athanasian party. The latter party, with the help of Constantine and the [7] Western bishops, secured the adoption of a creed which no strict Arian could subscribe to, since it declared that the Son is identical in essence (homoousian) with the Father. The semi-Arians, although they maintained that the Son was not identical in essence, but of similar essence (homoiousian) with the Father, were finally constrained ['to compel, force' - Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary] to sign the document." - Encyclopedia Americana, p. 233, v. 2, 1957 ed.

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