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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Note (135.) to "History of the 'Christian' Trinity - HIST)"

135. The Encyclopedia Britannica notes that the faithful followers of Judaism certainly did not practice celibacy “but Alexander’s conquests brought the Jews into contact with Hindu and Greek mysticism” which probably accounts for the growth of the Essene sect which did sanction celibacy shortly before the Christian era. - Encyclopedia Britannica, p. 94, v. 5, 14th ed.

135a. Yes, the ‘fruits’ of the Nicene Council itself also included the forbidding of a certain food:

“At the Church Council in Nicaea, in 325 A.D., it was officially stated that it was forbidden for Christians ... to eat unleavened bread on Pessach (Passover)....” - ‘The Jews! Your Majesty’, Dr. Goran Larsson (trinitarian), Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies and Research, 1987.

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