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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Note (21.) to "History of the 'Christian' Trinity - HIST"

21. "A passage in the work `Against Heresies,' written by Saint Irenaeus, who died about 202 .... says of the Christians of his day: `All teach one and the same God the Father, and believe the same oeconomy [`creator's plan'] of the incarnation of the Son of God, and know the same gift of the Spirit, and meditate on the same precepts, and maintain the same form of constitution with respect to the Church...'" - p. 174, vol. 8, 1944, Encyclopedia Americana. - Irenaeus also wrote: "But there is only one God .... he is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ [compare John 17:1, 3, NEB]." - p. 111 of A Short History of the Early Church, by strong trinitarian Dr. H. R. Boer, 1976. Even trinitarian historian W. H. C. Frend admits: "Irenaeus's monotheism was Hebraic rather than Greek" - p. 245, The Rise of Christianity, Fortress Press, 1985. - See the CREEDS study, "Irenaeus."

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